Investing in today, for the foundations of tomorrow

Bristol & Bath Regional Capital

Bristol & Bath Regional Capital’s (BBRC) ambition is to become a significant and commercially sustainable driving force in the development of the region, catalysing regional change through civic-led, commercially-focused and innovative investment.

We work with investors to offer bespoke investment opportunities that provide both a financial and social return and support local projects.

We work with local projects and enterprises looking to grow, offering expert advice and access to loan and other finance at competitive rates. We look wherever possible for local investors and we seek to ensure that local values of inclusivity and community empowerment are embedded in the projects we support.

We work with the community to create and maintain a broad and effective civic partnership. This collaboration increases local delivery and development via improved engagement with skills, ideas, connectivity and inclusion, thus improving investable deal flow and embedding long-term values. Core to our mission is enabling local citizens and institutions to invest in their local infrastructure and services.

City Funds Investment Fund Impact Report 2020

Our first impact report for City Funds’ investment fund, which BBRC manages and advises.

Find out more about:

  • The key investments made in 2020 that are creating economic, community and environmental resilience in Bristol as a response to COVID-19
  • The impact-driven people and organisations we’re working with to drive change (see the Case Studies section)
  • How City Funds is strengthening the social enterprise sector to address future challenges

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