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Enabling local citizens and institutions to invest in their local services and infrastructure

Together we can enhance the environmental, social and economic fabric of the West of England

We are a catalyst for regional change

City Funds: Our Focus

The City Funds are about Bristol coming together to share the resources we have and play our part to make Bristol a great place for everyone.

Bristol’s One City Plan has identified areas of need in Bristol and at the moment we are actively researching our proposed priorities, where through additional grant and investment resource we can make the biggest impact.

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If you are interested in shaping these priorities or getting involved, please get in touch.


No child goes hungry

From supporting school breakfast clubs and holiday hunger programmes to addressing the root causes of food poverty, we will support communities to access resources and opportunities to grow, purchase, prepare and cook fresh, healthy and affordable food.


Inclusive employment

Creating opportunities and reducing barriers to enable all communities in Bristol to access employment, education and skill development. We will work to enable a talent pipeline of secure, fulfilling employment opportunities, while sustainably growing the Bristol economy.


Community initiatives

We will work to empower community anchor organisations and increase their resilience. From affordable community-led housing to up-skilling communities so they can take on new assets, we will work to empower community anchor organisation and increase their resilience.