Investing in today, for the foundations of tomorrow

Community Services & Assets

BBRC will facilitate investment into in community enterprises to sustain their future and enhance the offer to the communities that they serve.

Bristol has over 1,500 voluntary and social economy organisations as well as over 250 community buildings that are run by local communities and provide both services and facilities for those local communities. (Source: Bristol City Council)

Community ownership of assets such as town halls, sports facilities, affordable housing and libraries builds local infrastructure which empowers communities and increases cohesion and local resilience as local people are often best placed to manage community facilities in their area. They already make extensive use of these assets and their local knowledge and hands-on management often results in lower overheads and better value-for-money. Community organisations also use volunteers and take great pride in their local area. (Source: Locality)

Our first investment raise has supported the South Bristol Sports Centre to raise c£1M to provide sporting facilities for their local community. Read the press release here.

What will BBRC do:

We’ll work with investors to faciliate and support long-term community investment.

We’ll work with projects to give you access to investors that are committed to supporting your local community.

We’ll work with the community to ensure your long-term values and interests are represented.

If you want to be part of the solution for enhancing community enterprises and assets, please contact us to find out more.

How To Get Involved


As an investor, if you would like to be part of improving the local economy in which you operate…find out more!


As a project or enterprise looking to scale, find out more!


As a community organisation or local institution, find out more!