Do you want an end to child hunger in Bristol?

The issue

Did you know that estimates show over 20,000 children are living below the poverty line in Bristol today, and many of them struggle to access good quality, nutritious food on a regular basis? This has a very significant impact on their health (physical and mental), their ability to concentrate in school, get a good education and a good start in life.

This simply isn’t right in a city like Bristol, and new approaches are urgently required to address this issue and bring about real transformation. Through the emerging ‘Once City Approach,’ we’re looking to bring together a group of talented and driven people from all walks of life to identify key solutions that will be long-lasting and sustainable.

The Bristol City Funds is a new initiative to raise additional money – repayable finance and grant funding – to tackle the City’s most intransigent problems. The City Funds Governing Board has identified three key issues to address first and is now recruiting members for its ‘No Child Goes Hungry’ Funding Priority Group.

The Funding Priority Group will be responsible for creating and implementing the strategy to raise and distribute funds to alleviate immediate need so that every child in Bristol has enough good food to keep them healthy, and to support programmes and activities that will achieve long-term transformational change, tackling the causes and not just the symptoms of food poverty.


The role

We are looking for six people with the passion and experience to contribute to this critically important issue, whilst also having the time and talent to implement actions pro-bono. The range of skills and experience required includes:

  • Fundraising;
  • Marketing;
  • Having a well-developed network of donor contacts; and
  • A commitment to funding practical solutions to end food poverty for Bristol’s children.


The members of the “No Child Goes Hungry” Funding Priority Group will:

  1. Clearly identify where additional funding is needed to achieve systematic change which will benefit local people and communities across the city;
  2. Work as a team to set the fundraising strategy and create an engaging public focused fundraising campaign;
  3. Implement the campaign using their skills on a pro bono basis, working with Quartet Community Foundation to ensure compliance with all charity and fundraising laws and regulations;
  4. Devise the grant guidelines and form the panel that will agree the distribution of funds raised in an efficient, transparent, and accountable manner working through Quartet Community Foundation; and
  5. Report back to the Governing Board on a quarterly basis regarding progress in meeting strategic targets and provide an annual report to the Governing Board.

This offers an opportunity to contribute towards achieving lasting change, and transform the lives of thousands of our most vulnerable children. We are looking for people who can commit to the FPG for a minimum of 2 years, but we expect the FPG will continue past this until it has reached its goals.


Role requirements


  • Qualified: Qualified by experience or academic qualifications suitable for the role.
  • Communicative: The ability to network with businesses and communities in the Bristol region along with national and local funders to explain the impact of the group.
  • Creative: Willing to take the initiative and be proactive within a fast moving and innovative environment.
  • Decisive: A willingness to share in making decisions, and take calculated well-informed risks.
  • Proactive: A proactive self-starter able to manage relationships effectively.
  • Inclusive: Commitment to achieving inclusive growth and positive change in society.
  • Ability to travel regularly around the Bristol region.
  • Good spoken, written and presentation skills.
  • Local knowledge.



  • Previous experience within the funding sector.
  • Previous experience in the marketing/media sector.
  • Previous demonstrable commitment via volunteering or other contribution to society.
  • Experience of public speaking.
  • Experience of working within a team.


How to apply

Read more about the City Funds at the following link:; or for an informal discussion contact Sue Turner, Chief Executive at Quartet Community Foundation on 0117 989 7702.

Please send your CV and a 200-word statement on your experience and what you have to offer to the ‘No Child Goes Hungry’ Funding Priority Group to by 12 noon on Friday 20th July.

Interviews will be held on the 30th July.