Enterprise & Employability

BBRC will invest in employment and skills in priority sectors and communities, support for early and growing social and micro enterprises, and support for innovative practice. Through investment in enterprise and employability initiatives, including job creation and protection across our public benefit themes, our success will be measured by the creation and protection of an estimated c. 870 jobs.

Since the economic crisis, unemployment has increased in Bristol. The number of Jobseekers allowance (JSA) claimants has more than doubled from 5,329 in June 2008 to 10,912 in June 2013. (Source: Bristol City Council) Notably the number of long-term unemployed Bristol residents defined as those that claim JSA benefits for over six months is the highest it has been since 1997. (Source: Bristol City Council).

In Bristol, 10% of the population is employment deprived. However, this is unequally distributed across the city and across the wards. For example, in Lawrence Hill 22% of the population is employment deprived while in Stoke Bishop this number falls to 2% (Source: Bristol City Council).

What will BBRC do:

We’ll work with investors to facilitate and support innovative practice and social enterprise.

We’ll work with projects to give you access to investors that understand your needs.

We’ll work with the community to ensure your long-term values and interests are represented.

If you want to be a part of the solution that ensures improved and equal access to skills and employment in the West of England, please contact us to find out more.

How To Get Involved


As an investor, if you would like to be part of improving the local economy in which you operate…find out more!


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