BBRC Homes

BBRC Homes is a subsidiary of BBRC focussed exclusively on delivering high-impact housing schemes, including affordable homes, mixed communities, community-led housing, inter-generational living and key worker homes.

What we do:

  • Catalyse development of new homes and sustainable communities in the West of England.
  • Working either in partnership with charity, community and faith groups, or as a sole developer.
  • Development of small and medium sites for housing (10-50 homes).
  • Larger Joint Venture (JV) projects or project brokerage (50+ homes).

Our services:

BBRC Homes will act as: 
  • Developer: Buying land and existing assets for development or conversion.
  • Operator: Managing a mix of market and sub-market rent homes, and growing the availability of key worker homes and intergenerational schemes.
  • Funder: Brokering long-term, innovative funding solutions for housing developments.
  • Advisor: Advising on the best use of sites and assets through financial appraisal, procurement and development advice, and making introductions to investors and development partners.

Our values and how we achieve impact:

Innovation: We seek to innovate on every scheme by identifying viable ways to increase the value intrinsic to each new home.  This includes actively promoting the development of mixed tenure and tenure-blind schemes, key worker homes and intergenerational schemes, with the aim to improve and support community health and cohesion. We also aim to create environmentally sustainable developments and maximise local supply chains.
Networks and partnerships: We work in partnership with organisations large and small who share our ambition to build more homes and create sustainable communities.  We have unrivalled links to many of the key institutions across the West of England and leverage value from these relationships, for example by encouraging the release of surplus land for housing.
A commercially sustainable approach: We are experienced at translating ideas into delivery and construct balanced development projects.  We seek to recycle profits into other high impact projects or our community organisation partners and leverage existing capital to achieve additional investment into the West of England region.

Social impact:

Where possible, we strive to achieve the following through our housing projects:
  • Increased rental income for community groups to support core activities.
  • Improved community health and cohesion.
  • Environmentally sustainable construction.
  • Maximising local supply chains, employing local people and targeting reductions in worklessness.

If you are interested in learning more or in joining us to help deliver high-impact housing, please contact us at