Low Carbon Economy & The Environment

BBRC will facilitate investment into low carbon economy infrastructure, including increasing the renewable energy generating capacity and diversifying local sustainable food production and distribution in order to increase local resilience.

There are a plethora of organisations and entities based in Bristol that are tackling the low carbon economy. Moreover, even many normal businesses take low carbon initiatives into account. For example, the Bristol Green Capital Partnership has over 700 members that have pledged to support their cause. Bristol can be seen as a hub in the UK for low carbon initiatives, best represented by its title ‘Green Capital of Europe for 2015’, and investment can continue this legacy.

Bristol’s COemissions are 4.8 tCO2 per capita and its target is to reduce that figure by 40% by 2020. (Source: Buro Happold) There are further opportunities to reduce the city’s CO2 emissions by fully exploiting available renewable sources including wind, biomass, sewage, gas and solar, combined with energy recovery from all municipal solid waste.

In the face of fossil fuel depletion and economic shocks, a sustainable food production and distribution system that can provide adequate healthy, affordable food equitably to Bristol’s population is needed. Bristol is dependent on five large food supply companies who collectively control 84% of the UK grocery market share. The monopoly of the major chains applies not just to retail, but extends back through the supply chain (Source: Bristol.gov.uk).

What will BBRC do:

We’ll work with investors to facilitate and support the region’s local resilience.

We’ll work with projects to give you access to investors that are committed to a low carbon future.

We’ll work with the community to ensure your long-term values and interests are represented.

If you want to be part of the solution for ensuring the West of England has a sustainable and low carbon future, please contact us to find out more.

How To Get Involved


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