Projects and communities

At BBRC, we offer expert advice to local projects and enterprises that are looking to grow and support organisations in accessing loans and other finance at competitive rates.

Our services focus on the following:

Enterprise resilience: We aim to provide financial advice and support with the development of business plans to help improve access to social investment.

Investment Brokerage: BBRC acts as a bridge between organisations looking for investment, and investors who want more than just financial returns from their money.

We work with a broad range of charities and enterprises that are looking to create a positive impact on society and empower their community.

Our key areas of focus are:

  • Homes and communities
  • Community assets
  • Low carbon economy and the environment
  • Enterprise and employability

To understand the types of organisation that we have worked with in the past, please take a look at our case studies

We work with people who look to have a positive impact on society and we will only consider projects that generate a socially responsible return through their business activities.

If you are unsure of the next steps and want to know more, then please contact us.

Watch to find out how securing social investment helped SBSC

Frequently asked questions

What does it mean to be resilient as an enterprise?

It means that you have a plan and supporting structure for your business that gives you the best chance of success. It may be that raising investment is part of this equation, but not always.

How do I become resilient as an enterprise?

You need a business plan which outlines amongst other things your vision, mission, key objectives, resourcing and financing plans and what impact you hope to deliver.

How much money can I borrow?

There is no minimum or maximum investment size.

What is social impact?

Social impact is creating a positive impact on society via purposeful activity. This might include helping people, helping the environment or creating a better economic system.

How do I measure social impact?

This will vary on the type of social impact you offer. A combination of numerical measures and testimonials about the difference you have made via your activity is often a good starting point.

What support do you offer?

We can offer business planning, access to investors and social impact measurement. We are also seeking to offer our own bespoke funding solution by March 2019.

Why should I use BBRC rather than go direct to a lender?

We have great local knowledge and connections, a wealth of experience and are professional and approachable.

Do you only work in Bristol and Bath?

We operate across Bristol, Bath, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset.