Bristol Together


There are significant barriers for those leaving custody to finding employment; a criminal record typically makes it unlikely that an employer will take on those recently released. With little prospect of finding paid employment, many quickly get into more trouble and sooner or later return to prison where things often get worse.


Bristol Together is a social enterprise which rebuilds lives by providing training and employment to ex-offenders. The social enterprise buys refurbishes and sells properties creating full-time employment for ex-offenders whilst providing them with construction skills that can be applied in future jobs.


Bristol and Bath Regional Capital (BBRC) was instrumental in securing a £625,000 refinance for Bristol Together, successfully replacing a portion of previous social investment used to develop Bristol Together in 2012. The investment is being paid back through the commercial activity of the social enterprise, refurbishing and selling properties.


BBRC introduced us to three new social investors, none of whom we had contact with before. This additional investment support has enabled Bristol Together CIC to extend our current social investment bonds to the end of 2018 as well as repay, in full, our founding investor.” Paul Harrod, Director, Bristol Together CIC

“Now I’ve found something I actually like and that I’m good at. I’ve learnt to save up as I go as well so that even if work dries up I don’t need to worry and I don’t need to sign back on Jobs Seekers Allowance – I can just support myself now.” – John