Rebuilding lives

They create full-time jobs for ex-offenders by bringing empty properties back into use.

Working in collaboration

With property owners, contractors and social enterprise partners to create jobs in the construction industry.

Making a difference

Employing and training people who have been in prison; they rebuild lives, reduce crime and bring empty properties back into use

How they do it

Bristol Together uses the following 3 approaches (business models) to property development.


Partnership with Bristol local authority whereby Bristol City Council (BCC) loans the property to Bristol Together at no cost. Bristol Together (BT)pays for the development. On sale, income covers costs and then the profit is split equally between BCC and BT.


Property bought by BT, developed and then sold. On sale, BT receives 100% of profit.


Land is bought by BT, houses are built from scratch. On sale, BT receives 100% of profit.

Social impact

Bristol Togethers clients gain skills and professional qualifications which set them up for a great future in the construction industry.

A third of their workforce have worked towards Qualifications such as NVQs whilst working with BT.

Half of their workforce are multi-skilled, giving them more options in their future in the construction industry.

The Bristol Together Project