Vision & Mission

Our vision is that financial power is generated by, and distributed into, Bristol and Bath in ways that ensure local priorities are met. By generating inclusive and sustainable economic activity, we will maximise long-term social and environmental prosperity for our region and beyond.

We use civic led, commercially innovative investment to address systemic inequalities in our region. We believe that an inclusive local economy just works better. When everyone plays their part, our regional economy will be more creative, resilient, and vibrant. We’re working to be the driving force behind this change.

Our mission is to improve economic accessibility by democratising finance. We do this by:

• Increasing funds and investment brought into and generated by the region to address local priorities

• Investing in impact-driven organisations that generate social and environmental benefits for our region

• Improving the financial resilience, dynamism, and entrepreneurialism of local impact-driven organisations

• Creating and maintaining a broad and effective civic partnership to enhance the social, environmental, and economic fabric of the West of England